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  1. What is a chart of accounts?

  2. How should I develop my chart of inventory?

  3. Which software should I opt for that would be suitable for my business?

  4. Would there be any other maintenance costs, to be paid by me, after once purchasing this software from you?

  5. Would I need to ask for license renewal every year, like many other software in the market?

  6. How can I purchase your software?

  7. Why are we selling our software at low prices?

  8. In what form would I get the software?

  9. Does your staff visit to install the software and train us?

  10. Why should I buy when you do not have a representative in my city?

  11. What is the guarantee that I would receive after sale support from your staff?

  12. What if my computer collapses or I need to re-install windows or I format my hard disk?

  13. Do you guarantee the safety of my data?

  14. Can I install the same software on another computer or what if I change my hard drive?

  15. Can you do modifications for me, if I need any additional features?


Answer 1) The chart of accounts is a listing of all the accounts in the general ledger. To set up a chart of accounts, one first needs to define the various accounts to be used by the business. Complex businesses may have thousands of accounts. It is worthwhile to put thought into creating a chart of accounts, and to follow any specific industry standards. Different types of businesses will have different accounts. For example, to report the cost of goods sold, a manufacturing business will have accounts for its various manufacturing costs whereas a retailer will have accounts for the purchase of its stock merchandise. Many industry associations publish recommended charts of accounts for their respective industries in order to establish a consistent standard of comparison among firms in their industry. Some accounts must be included due to tax reporting requirements. (Top)

Answer 2) The chart of inventory should also be developed systematically. It is always suggested to plan how you would like to categorize your inventory items. A planned and organized chart of inventory would be more useful later at reporting stage because you would be able to view reports according to individual items and also category wise. Every business has its own hierarchy of inventory items. (Top)

Answer 3) We currently have different accounting and inventory software according to needs of different businesses. You can visit our PRODUCTS page to compare and decide about the software you require. (Top)

Answer 4) No, once you purchase this software, you would not have to pay any additional cost. There are no maintenance costs or yearly license fees. You can use it for next financial years also without paying any cost. (Top)

Answer 5) No, there is no license or renewal fee after you purchase the software. (Top)

Answer 6) We have lots of details about this software on our website. You can view features and you can even download the demo software. Try it to your full satisfaction. Call us for any queries. Once you decide to purchase, make your payment (click here for payment options). We shall send you your download link and software CD as soon as we receive the payment. (Top)

Answer 7) We are often asked that why have we been selling our software at such low cost. Well, actually we have experienced that most of our new customers are referred to us through old customers. Also since we have been dealing in solutions for small business, its quite fair to sell at low price that can be beneficial to them and also supportive to our policy. Its our policy to sell at low price but to increase our family of users. (Top)

Answer 8) We shall send you the software in a CD as well as a download link. You can install it yourself very easily, just like you install any other software. This would not handicap you for your software vendor's services whenever you need to install software, re-install windows etc. We try to provide our clients with all the options in their own hands. (Top)

Answer 9) Yes, our representatives can visit customers for installation and/or training. We charge a nominal fee for these services and visits. For exact charges, please contact our sales department. (Top)

We must also add that this has just become a tradition in Pakistan that people think that accounting software are to be taught or installed by the developers. This is very necessary with bigger organization with large scale software but the software developed for and used by smaller businesses do not necessarily need to be installed by the developer or taught, if they contain proper user manuals. These software are usually off-the-shelf or ready made because developing a software specifically for some business costs more for the developers as well as the user. It is a worldwide practice that small business buy these ready made software from stores or online, receive a CD, install it and start using. We have been trying to bring this culture here and to make customers understand that you can get full support through e-mail or telephone. If somebody has willingness to give support, then there are numerous means in this modern world to communicate than just by visiting. (Top)

Answer 10) We try to provide you about all the details about our software on website or on telephone. We even let you use our demo software for your satisfaction. We believe that quality of our products sell our products themselves and we have confidence on our software. This confidence have been transferred to all our customers who have purchased this software from us during last 8 years and have been using it very satisfactorily all over Pakistan. Their satisfaction speaks for our commitment. This has made us to decide to customize our software according to requirements of different countries and to market these globally. As a beginning, we have started selling in U.A.E. and other middle eastern countries and have been getting very positive response, though we are not physically present there. In Pakistan, our software has been running at some very remote places in addition to the bigger cities, e.g. Joharabad, Quaidabad, Layyah, Mingora, Murree, Daska etc. We can also quote you examples where people get developed software by persons from their own city but neither the software run nor the developers can be located afterwards. It is unfortunate that such people have shattered the confidence of general public and now people hesitate to trust even the genuine companies. We are a private limited company incorporated at SECP in 2003. We have been operating since then and have every intention to remain in the business because we have the business. We definitely need support of our customers to reach every corner of Pakistan or to appoint representatives to serve you better. (Top)

Answer 11) It is our commitment to our customers that has been multiplying our customers day by day. We have more than 2500 customers to-date with more than 1000 new customers only during last 1 year. This also proves credibility of our software and devotion of our support staff. We always try to keep our customers satisfied because they are the biggest source of marketing for our software. (Top)

Answer 12) The software you purchase is licensed for number of computers, you purchase for, and would remain valid even if you re-format your hard disk or re-install windows on those computers. The activation code we provide you at the time of purchase remains valid even after re-installing windows. Simply install your software again, restore your back-up and start your work from where you left. In case, you change your hard drive, you would need to purchase new license. (Top)

Answer 13) Our software contains a back-up utility and we advise you to take back-up regularly. We also suggest that you transfer your back-up to some other computer, USB drive or write it on some CD. This ensures that in case of a virus attack or sudden collapse of your computer, you have the data back-up at some other place also. We have provided you the facility and advice, now its upto you to act upon it. In case, you lose your data due to negligence or because you do not take back-ups regularly, we cannot guarantee for the data. Infact, nobody can guarantee for data in such circumstances. (Top)

Answer 14) When you purchase one copy of software, it is for a single computer. You cannot install it on another computer. To install on other computers, you would need additional license. You would also need to purchase new license if you change your hard drive. (Top)

Answer 15) Yes, most of the modifications can be done according to requirements of our customers. (Top)


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